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The initiative entails the following:
green branding in the form of roadside cleaning with high visibility of sponsors’ brand(s) on selected stretches of high-volume roads or streets; combined with
a national environmental consciousness programme - an educational programme aimed at the youth, communities and neighbourhoods -
by which environmental awareness is created among all South Africans; and
the promotion of the recycling of waste-at-source; selectively erecting waste/recycling stations.
All of the aforesaid highlights the sponsor’s commitment to the green revolution by reducing carbon footprint on a national and community level. In all instances, sponsors’brands will be exposed while.

  • Sponsor-branded roadside cleaning is underway on high-volume roads/streets;
  • educational programmes on preserving the earth are being offered;
  • waste being collected, deposited and/or recycled and local branch offices being involved.

The environmental consciousness educational programme and the recycling programme are primarily focussed on the youth, communities and neighbourhoods - web design, graphic design, printing, internet, hosting, annual reports, logo design, business card design, web site, web development, email