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How does Adopta Road align with sponsors’ B-BBEE strategy?
Job creation (green jobs) 100 000 green jobs from disadvantaged communities will be collectively created
Enterprise development through newly established enterprises from disadvantaged communities run on a franchise system for proper management and skills transfer
Socio-economic development educating the youth and communities to preserve the environment
and promoting re-cycling at source
selectively setting up recycling stations
all resulting in a reduced carbon footprint
Benefits for sponsors by investing in the initiative:
Thousands of green jobs will be created by establishing new enterprises from previously disadvantaged communities
  • B-BBEE franchises with their teams will undertake roadside cleaning under the supervision of IWESCO, who has been involved in industrial cleaning and waste management since 1997
  • Aligning  the sponsor’s brand with the “Green Revolution”
  • The initiative also aligns “green brand building” with enterprise development (ED) and socio-economicdevelopment (SED)
  • To be seen as taking an active lead in reducing our carbon footprint and creating green jobs that benefit all South Africans
  • The expense incurred by participating companies, can be claimed back against B-BBEE credits. - web design, graphic design, printing, internet, hosting, annual reports, logo design, business card design, web site, web development, email